The Difference Between Regular Oil Tanks and High-Pressure Oil Tanks

In recent days, GWM Holding Group Submission on State Administration for Market Regulation, China accused BYD of uncompetitive practices related to high-pressure oil tanks, a part of the motors used in its own vehicles and those of other companies. The conflict has triggered the discussion on the differences between the regular oil tanks and the high-pressure oil tanks.

An oil tank is a container used to store motor oil, diesel, and other hydraulic fluids in motor vehicles. The oil tanks used in motor vehicles are composed of metal and plastic. There are two main types of oil tanks, including the regular oil tanks and the high-pressure oil tanks.

The first difference between the regular oil tanks and the high-pressure oil tanks is the composition. The regular oil tanks are usually constructed of metal, while the high-pressure oil tanks are composed of a combination of metal and plastic. The metal material is used to give the tank more durability and strength, while the plastic is used to keep the fumes in the tank from escaping and make it easier to clean.

The second difference between the two types of oil tanks is the capacity. Generally, the capacity of a regular oil tank is about 4 liters, while the capacity of a high-pressure oil tank is around 8 liters or more.

The third difference is the pressure that the oil tanks can withstand. The regular oil tank can only withstand an internal pressure of 1 bar, while the high-pressure oil tank can withstand up to 10 bar or more. The higher the pressure, the more stable the oil pressure, thus the motor can more efficiently cool the motor’s temperature.

Moreover, the high-pressure oil tanks also have lower chances of leakage since the plastic part helps to seal the tank better and prevent oil leakage. In other words, the high-pressure oil tanks are safer and more efficient than regular oil tanks.

Finally, the price of a high-pressure oil tank is significantly higher than a regular oil tank due to the extra material, complex structure, and so on.

In a nutshell, when comparing the two types of oil tanks – regular oil tanks and high-pressure oil tanks, we can conclude that the high-pressure oil tanks have superior durability, capacity to withstand higher pressure, and safety compared to regular oil tanks, even though they come with a much higher price tag.