Packaging products

Packaging products

CONOVAWELL specializes in all kinds of vacuum pump components, cosmetic products containers, double color covers, unscrewing molds, thin walls,s and molds of covers of children’s cup

Unscrewing mold

8cav, 16 Cav, 32 cav

Mechanical or electronic unscrewing mold-driven

 internal and external screw thread

precise start location

blunt start threads

In-mold lamination

CONOVAWELL is professional in packaging flip mold and in-mold lamination. Carry out sufficient analysis on feasibility in the early stage of development,  To guarantee the interchangeability of cavities, so that mold production will be easier and smoother.

16-cav vacuum pump molds


Hot runners

Allocate spare parts storage

Extreme long service life

Cover of cosmetics packaging molds

16-cavity detergent cover mold

High-precision,1um processing accuracy, Hot runner

24 cavity cosmetic cover mold

CONOVAWELL has excellent performance in manufacturing multi-cavity vacuum pump components.

We care about the analysis in the early stage very much because it can eliminate some possible issues in the late stage.

CONOVAWELL can provide long-term production of high-class molds for customers. We looking forward to working with you!