3D printing materials

3D printing materials sheet:

When selecting materials, we have to consider factors such as cost, appearance smoothness, dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties, thermodynamic properties, working environment, and special functional requirements. Despite various factors, based on the production purpose of the model, it can be roughly divided into three categories: appearance verification model, structure verification model, and function display model.

TypeMaterialProcessMore Info
ABS-LikeABS-Like White (Accura Xtreme White 200)StereolithographyData Sheet
ABS-LikeABS-Like Gray (Accura Xtreme Gray)StereolithographyData Sheet
ABS-LikeABS-Like Black (RenShape SL7820)StereolithographyData Sheet
ABS-LikeMicroFine邃「 (Gray and Green)StereolithographyData Sheet
ABS-LikeABS-Like Translucent/Clear (WaterShed XC 11122)StereolithographyData Sheet
ABS-LikeCarbon RPU 70Carbon DLSData Sheet
AluminumAluminum AlSi10MgDirect Metal Laser SinteringData Sheet
Cobalt ChromeCobalt ChromeDirect Metal Laser SinteringData Sheet
CopperCopper CuNi2SiCrDirect Metal Laser SinteringData Sheet
Digital PhotopolymerDigital Clear / TranslucentPolyjetData Sheet
Digital PhotopolymerDigital WhitePolyjetData Sheet
Digital PhotopolymerDigital BlackPolyjetData Sheet
InconelInconel 718Direct Metal Laser SinteringData Sheet
PA (Nylon)PA12 White (PA650)Selective Laser SinteringData Sheet
PA (Nylon)PA12 Mineral-Filled (PA620-MF)Selective Laser SinteringData Sheet
PA (Nylon)PA12 BlackMulti Jet FusionData Sheet
PA (Nylon)PA12 40% Glass-Filled (PA614-GS)Selective Laser SinteringData Sheet
PA (Nylon)PA11 Black (PA850)Selective Laser SinteringData Sheet
PA (Nylon)PA 12 40% Glass-Filled BlackMulti Jet FusionData Sheet
PC-LikePC-Like Advanced High Temp (Accura 5530)StereolithographyData Sheet
PC-LikePC-Like Translucent/Clear (Accura 60)StereolithographyData Sheet
PC-LikeCeramic-Like (Advanced HighTemp PerFORM)StereolithographyData Sheet
PC-LikeMetal PlatingStereolithographyData Sheet
PPPolypropylene NaturalSelective Laser SinteringData Sheet
PP-LikePP-Like Translucent White (Somos 9120)StereolithographyData Sheet
PP-LikeCarbon FPU 50Carbon DLSData Sheet
Stainless SteelStainless Steel 17-4 PHCNC TurningData Sheet (CNC Turning)
Stainless SteelStainless Steel 316LDirect Metal Laser SinteringData Sheet
TitaniumTitanium Ti 6Al-4VDirect Metal Laser SinteringData Sheet
TPUTPU-70ASelective Laser SinteringData Sheet